Redox conducts events that are well organised.
We help our clients in hosting a range of events from corporate fests to celebrations.

Our Services

We help our clients solve


Civil and MEP Contractor

Redox prides itself for being a Centre of Excellence in the construction, operation and maintenance fields in the Middle East.


Local Manpower Supply

Skilled Manpower - Carpenters (shuttering and furniture), Painters (general & spray), Electricians (building and Industrial), Mechanics, Masons, Plumbers, Welders,(TIG, MIG, 6G and 3G), Fabricators & Steel Fixers.


Cleaning & Hospitality

Deep Cleaning Services are very effective and should be done fairly recurrently for many reasons.


Recruitment Services

The process of finding & hiring the best-qualified candidate from within or outside of an organization for a job.



Welcome to Redox, a leading business house in the State of Qatar serving the Construction, Industrial, Medical, Laboratory, Oil & Gas and Information Technology sectors of the country.


Food Products

Spicey Ghats is a farm producing spices for export. We grow spices and pick the best quality for export and other selling purposes.