• “There are very beautiful fields of olive trees here,
    which are grey and silvery in leaf like pollard willows.
    Then I never tire of the blue sky”
    - Vincent Van Gogh -


VarietyOlive 100% Coratina
FilteredCold Pressed
HarvestingBy hand
FeatureGreen with gold highlights
SmellStrong taste, elegant with hints of grass, artichoke and thistle
FlavorEnveloping with strong bitter and spicy notes


Cold dishesDairy product, salads, bruschette
Warm dishesMeat, Legume Soups, Cooked Vegetables


It is the extra virgin olive oil produced exclusively from Coratina olives. Characterized by a fruity green color, it has an intense bitter and spicy taste.

Storage and bottling is done under nitrogen. This is a guarantee that the final product is not oxidized.

Raw eaten, it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to the presence of polyphenols. The oil comes from the combination of tradition and innovation.

The olive tree

Between sky and sea, the uncontested ruler of the Apulian territory is the olive tree, with its green and silver leaves.

The olive tree, has always been present in Apulia, and is its symbol. It is still cultivated in native variants.

Throughout history, man with his knowledge has managed to exploit it better and better, to produce, the yellow gold of Apulia: Olive Oil.

More than 80% of olive oil produced in Italy it’s made in Apulia.

Apulian olive oil

It is rich of nutrients and Polyphenols that contrasts free radicals and prevent oxidation. Among more than 500 variants of olive oil in Italy, The Coratino oil and the Ogliarolo oil, that have a contrasting taste, are the most famous olive oil in Apulia. The Coratino oil has a strong and spicy taste.

The Ogliarolo oil has an intense and delicate taste.

Gaudio azienda agricola

Gaudio azienda agricola was born from Gaudio’s family willing to produce a pure extra virgin olive oil, obtained exclusively from olives from their own land, located in the Molfetta’s and Giovinazzo’s area, few meters from the sea. It is a superior category oil, not easy to do. It is a synthesis of passion, specific skills and technology. The company produces excellent olive oil and believes in the quality of the production process in every phase, from pruning the olive tree, to picking the olives and transforming it into extra virgin olive oil.

Harvest and milling

Olive trees are carefully kept and monitored through the whole year, till the harvest time. The olive harvest is done with traditional systems, to not stress the trees excessively. The olives, after the harvest, are washed, dried and crushed in the same day. Milling is done with technologically advanced systems that guarantee extreme cleaning and rigorous control of extraction temperatures. The extra virgin olive oil is filtered immediately after exiting the extractor.

Gaudio azienda agricola

Via Antichi Pastifici B5, 70056 Molfetta (BA), Italy